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Lars-Erik Østerud

Living in terraced apartment Solbergelva outside
Drammen with my cat Pusen (cat photo page) that
was relocated to save him from beeing put down.

I like going out on weekends with friends to dance or
sing karaoke. I'm also DJ and karaoke-host in Asker
and Drammen. Run orienteering for Eiker O-lag and
help arranging courses for beginners. Also help at
FOD Oslo (association for animal relocation). I like
bicycling, bowling, slalom and walking in the forest.

I like most music but especially Dance, House and
. My favourites song-texts includes: Pray,
The One And Only and Crying In The Shadows.

Grew up at Rykkinn in Bærum outside Oslo, moved
to Nydalen in Oslo to get closer to work. Now I live
in Nedre Eiker kommune just outside Drammen.

Educated as a system designer and programmer at
Datahøgskolen and worked with scanning, icr/ocr
and election systems
for 17 years. Attended a one
year education at Arkivakademiet at the National
and have worked as an archive manager.

I'm also certified to use chainsaw for forestry work,
wich I practice at our cabin, the family farm and our
camping and beach at Eikern outside Vestfossen.

Education and work details in my Curriculum Vitae.

Adr: Øllinga 11,
3057 Solbergelva
Mobil/SMS: (+47) 906 98 710

Profile links: Twitter, LinkedIn, Spotify & Facebook
Username on Trillian and Skype: LarsErikOsterud

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My Steam ID: leo , PlayStation Network ID: LarsErikOsterud
HL2 , Portal , TF2 , Source and DX/D3D tweaks and configs

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